Why commission research?  A vast range of genealogical records are now available online.  Some are free and others are on subscription sites.  To the beginner, it can be bewildering and costly.  It’s easy to spend time and money researching what turns out to be the wrong family. Many websites charge fees to search and view records.   As a professional genealogist, I can guide you in the right direction.  In all cases, you would assist me by providing as much information as you have.  People often know more than they realise!

Beginning with online records, I can work up a sketch of what records survive for your family.  This includes searching the 1901 & 1911 censuses (earliest complete censuses for Ireland), subscription sites such as (now holding the largest amount of records for Ireland),  online parish records and Griffith’s Valuation (a mid-19th century land valuation survey, which is used as a census substitute).  From there, certificates of birth, death and marriage are ordered (where copies of the registers are not available freely) to flesh out the tree and it may be be necessary to visit repositories such as the National Archives and the National Library to gain further details.  This work would be charged on an hourly basis for a minimum of 6 hours work.

I can also help you understand DNA tests and teach you how to get the most for them. This can take the form of a one-off consultation (in person or by phone) or a short-term agreement to manage your results.

If you are interested in commissioning some genealogy research or need some help with your DNA test, please get in touch via my contact form.  Give me a brief outline of the information you already have and what you would hope to achieve through research.  I will contact you with a suggested outline and costs.  A quote is free of charge.

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