One Name Study: Ure

One of my maternal great-great grandmothers was called Mary Anne Ure. She was not in family memory by the time I uncovered her through the 1901 census, when she was already a widow with 6 surviving children. Until that point, my knowledge of the surname related to Midge Ure – you could say it meant nothing to me!

I quickly discovered it was a very uncommon surname in Ireland and more common in Scotland. This triggered a family memory of someone having a Scottish grandmother and set me on the trail of the Ures in Ireland.

If you have found this page by searching for Ures or you are a Ure, particularly from Ireland, please do get in touch with me. This page does not detail all my research & I’m keen to hear from people who could further it by either knowledge or DNA testing.

My own Ures were Church of Ireland and Mary Anne was seemingly born in Dublin in the mid-1850s. I say seemingly because I haven’t found any baptismal records for her family. Being a city centre Northsider, the likely records of her baptism in St Michans, St Thomas or St Mary’s churches did not survive the destruction of the Public Records Office in 1922.

A one name study seeks to record all examples of a particular surname and its variant surnames.  The One-Name Guild provides a more detailed description.  Various internet sources suggest a Norse origin from the personal name Ivar and variant surnames include MacIvor, MacUre, Orr, Urey, Urie, and several more.  Ancestry hosts an infrequently trafficked message board for the name.  Wikipedia’s disambiguation page for Ure shows a few famous people with the name, almost all of whom are British.  My project is limited to the island of Ireland at present.  I do hope to trace my own ancestors back to Scotland, and if I succeed, I’ll have to consider a larger project.

This is an ongoing work and I will publish more on this page as time allows.  I intend to cover all Ures on the island of Ireland.

1911 Census
Just 10 people in the country bore the name Ure and all were in Dublin.  There are 2 family groups.

Alexander, Annie and Elizabeth Ure living in Cardiffsbridge, Finglas with their remarried mother, Martha, and stepfather, Joseph O’Keeffe. They are Church of Ireland and all in their 20s.

William Ure, a printer from Phibsborough, who records himself as Church of England is living with his Catholic wife Teresa, 5 children (Gerald, John, Josephine, William and Madeline) and one granddaughter. Teresa records 12 children born alive and 7 still living. So 2 are absent from the family home.

One of these is Kathleen Ure, a 19 year old Catholic living on Abbey St with her aunt and uncle, John and Ellen O’Rourke (who are the brother and sister of Kathleen’s mother, rather than a married couple).

1901 Census
13 people called Ure on this census.

Alexander, Annie and Elizabeth Ure are found at the same Finglas house as on 1911. Again they are living with their mother but a different stepfather, Thomas O’Keeffe, who is intriguingly the brother of her second husband, Joseph O’Keeffe.

William Ure, his wife Teresa and 6 children (William, Gerald, John, Patrick, Josephine and Madeline, though none called Kathleen) are living on Dominick St.

The third family group is a very interesting census return and I link to the return rather than the transcription because I believe there are errors on it.  They lived in Auburn Cottages, Monkstown. All 5 people are Church of Ireland. The head of the house is one Margaret Russell, a married woman, whose husband appears to be absent. She has one son, George, aged 7. Her niece, Lizzie Walters, is also present. It shows what I believe is the first mistake on this return. Lizzie, or Elizabeth was not born in England. I have both a civil record and a baptismal record to prove she was born in Dublin. She is the daughter of my great-great grandmother, Mary Anne Ure, thus establishing Margaret Russell as a Ure by birth. Rebecca Duke, a servant, appears to be unrelated. The final occupant would seem to be a 7 year old visitor called Alexander Ure.  However, his presence and details are problematic. There are apparently two 7 year old boys in the house but their entries are quite different.

  • George Russell is aged 7, he can read only and has no occupation.
  • Alexander Ure, a visitor to this house, is also 7 but he can read and write and is apparently a clerk. His birthplace would seem to say Glasgow, this is crossed out and England is written in.
    A comparison of the way 7 is written for each person would suggest two different hands.  A cross-reference to the bmd index on familysearch reveals the following entry:

Name: Alexander Ure
Event Type: Death
Registration Quarter and Year: Jan – Mar 1902
Registration District: Rathdown
Age: 71
Birth Year (Estimated): 1831
Volume Number: 2
Page Number: 752

Alexander Ure death 1902On viewing this death certificate, I see that Alexander Ure, who died aged 71 in 1902 lived at Auburn Cottages. His occupation was a clerk and his death was registered by a third daughter, Harriet Kent.

Alexander Ure burial 1902I also managed to find a burial record on for him. He was buried in Deansgrange and the grave was paid for by George Walkers (which I am reasonably sure is a typo – George Walters was Alexander’s grandson, the brother of Lizzie who lived with her aunt and grandfather in 1901).

So it would appear the Alexander in 1901 was more accurately 70, and that he was Margaret Russell’s father. That both the census and the burial records have mistakes on them is an important lesson for a genealogist. It’s only by careful research around these people that I proved the errors.
There are no returns for Ure on any of the census fragments or the census search forms if searched on the National Archives website. However, a search on Findmypast shows an Alexander Ure on the Dublin 1851 head of household index living at 25 Beresford St in St Michan’s civil parish. There may be another person called Jno (Jonathan) Ure at the same address. He’s listed as both Yure or Ure.

Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958
The following is an alphabetical listing of all people surnamed Ure on the civil registration index, compiled from the indexes on and and (to pick up errors or omissions).  Where possible I have cross-referenced a religious marriage or baptism on or and ordered digitised copies of the Northern Irish people’s records.  I hold copies of many certificates on this list but some are outstanding. I believe I have linked almost all people into a family.

Note: The records on Irish Genealogy are subject to caps of births older than 100 years, marriages older than 75 and deaths older than 50, therefore many records listed below do not feature in their database at present.  However, I have managed to find people in their list who do not feature in either FMP or Familysearch and these are indicated in bold.  Also, the Irish Genealogy records seem to omit middle names where the other databases keep them, so it can make definite identification harder.  These records also have an enhanced list of mother’s maiden names and I did find some people on this list.  They are left out below but in all cases but one, I have been able to link the child into the relevant Ure family.

Alexander Ure, Death 1877, sea captain from Scotland. Checked Lloyds register – I think he is unrelated and just happened to die in Dublin. Will proved in same year.

Alexander Ure, marriage 1847 – to Anne Johnson, father recorded as John Ure. These are my great great great grandparents. Age given as 20.  Church record here.

Alexander Ure, birth 1848 – son of above Alexander Ure and Anne Johnson. Baptismal record notes unusual middle name “Risk”. Baptismal record shows their address at 4 William Place, baptised in the parish of St George. Father was a railway clerk.  Find My Past’s Civil Service proof of age records also show a certified copy of this record.

Alexander Ure death 1888 – death of above.

Alexander Ure, death 1902 – as detailed above, my ggg grandfather.

Alexander Ure, marriage 1918, son of Alexander Ure (b.1848) & Martha Loughran, married Sarah Stanners Willoughby. Descendants live in the UK.

Alexander Ure birth 1886 Dublin North – as above.

Alexander Ure, death 1958 – husband of Sarah Stanners Willoughby

Anne Ure, birth 1884, daughter of Alexander Ure and Martha Loughran.

Anne Ure death 1893 age 60 Dublin – my ggg grandmother.  Age seems very likely to be wrong as this would make her only 14 on marriage in 1847.

Anne Ure marriage 1897 Dublin South Q3 vol 2 p652 – to Thomas Kelly, references match & census confirms year. Daughter of James Ure and Anne Barry. Children Patrick, Lily & Esther on index.

Anne Ure, death 1st Q 1899 – Dublin South 2/502, aged 58 – a porter’s wife of 10 Nicholas St. The same address as James Ure’s death took place at, so his wife.

Anne Jane Ure, death 17/03/1870 – 2 Bengal Terrace, Glasnevin – wife of Ebenezer Ure, aged 44.

Annie Ure, death 1957, Dublin, aged 74. Daughter of Alexander Ure and Martha Loughran. Buried in Deansgrange with her sister Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth and son in law, Herbert.

Bessy Ure death age 2 1872 Listowel Q2 vol 10 p398

Catherine Ure death age 42 1872 Loughrea Q4 vol 19 p239

Daniel Ure, birth 1867, son of James Ure and Anne Barry. Later went to England and descendants still there.

Ebenezer Ure, marriage licence 1856 to Anne Jane Bryan alias Philips (she was a widow).

Ebenezer Ure, marriage 1856 to the above. Father was John Ure, a clergyman.

Elizabeth Ure, birth Dublin 1888, daughter of Alexander Ure and Martha Loughran.

Elizabeth Ure, death Belfast, 1st Q 1892, 1/229, aged 64, GRONI: wife of Lawson Ure and mother of Jessie Cameron.

Elizabeth Ure death 1962 age 75 Group Registration ID: 2908308, Dublin North, daughter of Alexander Ure and Martha Loughran. Buried in Deansgrange with sister Annie, niece Elizabeth and her husband.

Elizabeth Ure, birth Dublin North 1915, 4th Q, 2/420 – daughter of William Ure and Annie Watters (or Walters). The address is Phibsborough so likely connected to my family.

Elizabeth Ure, marriage Dublin 1949 to Herbert Tyrie Turner – definitely daughter of Annie Ure.

Elizabeth M. Ure, birth 1931, mother’s maiden name Willoughby so father is Alexander Ure (born 1886).

Elizabeth M. Ure marriage 1958 to William Sydney Laing, as above.

Ellen Ure birth 5/2/1865, daughter of James Ure and Anne Barry

Ellen Ure death, Trim, 3rd Q 1928 2/479, aged 81 – widow of a labourer living in Cloughbrack, Co. Meath. I haven’t any other Ures in Meath.

Female Ure birth Belfast 1906 Q1, 1/323 – note cannot find this birth on GRONI

George Ure birth Dublin North 2nd Q 1894 2/548 – son of Robert Ure and Annie Watson.

George Ure death, aged 0, Naas, 1st Q 1895 2/820

George Ure birth Newbridge 1894 – in regimental birth index for 3rd Hussars – so suspect he is son of Robert Ure and Annie Watson.. He appears to be registered in both Dublin and Newbridge.

George Louis Ure birth 07/02/1898, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke. Baptism confirms.

George Louis Ure death 1901 Dublin North, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke

Gerald David Ure birth 18/09/1883, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke. Baptism confirms.

Gerald Ure death 1965 Dublin.

Harriette Lydia Ure marriage Dublin 1883 to Richard Strahan Kent. Daughter of Alexander Ure and Anne Johnson. Witnesses are Maggie and William Ure.  Church record also online.  Family (4 children) moved to Northern Ireland due to Kent’s job as prison warden. She died in Belfast in 1924.  Son, William Kent, killed in World War I. Daughter Elizabeth settled in Drogheda, where her father died in 1929 – descendants still in Louth & also UK. No details of what happened the two surviving sons, who are not mentioned in the will of their father.

Helena Ure 1895 Dublin marriage to Thomas Mayes. Daughter of Ebenezer Ure and Anne Jane Bryan Philips. Church record online. This couple had no children and they died in the 1930s in Wicklow.

Henry A Ure marriage Dublin 1952 marriage to Iris Maud Edwards, son of Alexander Ure and Sarah Stanners Willoughby.

Henry Alexander Ure birth Dublin 1920, son of Alexander Ure and Sarah Stanners Willoughby.

Hester Margaret Ure marriage Dublin 1879 to William Henry Morrison. Daughter of Ebenezer Ure and Anne Jane Bryan Philips. Church record online. 4 children.

Isabella Ure, marriage Belfast 1868 to James Thomas – daughter of William Ure. Rootsireland confirms Elwood Avenue Presbyterian church.

Ivy Ure, birth Sligo 1925 4th Q 2/118 – born to Andrew Ure and Rebecca Ruby Addison of Falkirk – he was a soldier, so suspect unconnected to Irish Ures.

James Ure death Belfast 1872 1/212 aged 43 GRONI 22/1/1872, single, death registered by housekeeper. Was broker.

James Ure death 1899 Dublin – head of RC Ure family, daughter Anne Kelly registered.

James Moffat Ure marriage Strokestown 3/171 2nd Q 1937 to Elizabeth Neil McMillan – address in Scotland, wife from Kilkenny, so suspect unconnected to Irish Ures.

Jane Ure death 1942 DS q2 2/341 age 71. Sister of my gg-grandmother

Jessie Cameron Ure marriage Belfast 1880 Q4 1/467 to James McCluskey (GRONI – St Enoch’s Presbyterian Church on 6/10/1880, father Lawson Ure.

John Ure death Dublin North 1948 aged 62, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

John E Ure marriage Dublin North 1915 to Julia Irwin, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

John Edward Ure birth Dublin 1886, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

Josephine Ure marriage Dublin 1908 to Patrick Shiels, daughter of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.  Her name is mistranscribed on

Josephine Teresa Ure birth 1886 Dublin, daughter of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

Julia Ure death 1955 Dublin South – wife of John Edward Ure, née Irwin.

Kathleen Ure marriage Dublin North 1913 to James Murphy, daughter of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

Kathleen Ure birth Dublin North 1917, daughter of William Patrick Ure and Kathleen McGlynn, granddaughter of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

Kathleen Mary Ure birth Dublin North 1891, daughter of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

Madeline Ure marriage 1920 Dublin North to Patrick McGlynn, daughter of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.  Note: Madeline and her brother William Patrick were married to siblings: Patrick and Kathleen McGlynn.

Madeline Christina Ure birth Dublin North 1894, daughter of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

Margaret Ure* marriage Dublin South 1880 – married Matthew Deegan 19/09/1880 – daughter of James Ure.

Margaret Ure marriage Belfast 1849 3/19 to James McAuley –details from Familysearch 10/7/1849, father Robert Ure. Rootsireland record confirms this was a marriage in the York St Presbyterian church. A James Ure was witness.

Mary Anne Ure marriage Dublin 1874 to George Walters – my gg-grandparents

Mary Anne Ure birth 13/10/1891 Dublin South to Robert Ure and Annie Watson, he lived at the Island Bridge Barracks and was in 3rd Hussars but married in Waterford.

Mary Anne Ure death 1892 Dublin South aged 0 – the above child

Mary Jane Ure marriage Q4 Dublin North 1879 2/475 married John Browning. Church of Ireland record online confirms father is James Ure**. Her address was 12 Little Strand St.  James Ure’s family were Catholics, but he had a daughter called Mary Fitzsimons, so this Mary Jane is likely unrelated.

Mary Ure marriage Dublin South Q4 1883 2/640 married Thomas Fitzsimons, daughter of James Ure*.  Her name is also recorded on baptisms for three of her children on

Martha Ure marriage Dublin North 1899 Q3 2/467 (née Loughran) – second marriage after death of Alexander Ure.

Matthew Ure birth Dublin South 13/4/1872, son of of James Ure and Anne Barry

Patrick Ure death aged 0 Dublin North Q1 1891 2/471

Patrick A Ure death aged 11 1907 Dublin North, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

Patrick Alexander Ure birth 1896 Dublin North, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

Patrick Joseph Ure birth Dublin North 1889 Q4 2/487

Patrick Joseph Ure death Dublin North 1889 aged 0 Q4 2/395

Patrick Joseph Ure birth Dublin North 1890 2/430

Patrick Ure death age 40 1872 Drogheda Q3 vol 12 p311

Richard Ure death age 68 1872 Kilkenny Q4 vol 18 p372

Richard T Ure marriage Dublin North 1956 to Florence Cummins, son of Alexander Ure and Sarah Stanners Willoughby.

Richard Thomas Ure birth Dublin North 1927, son of Alexander Ure and Sarah Stanners Willoughby.

Robert Ure marriage Waterford 1889 Q3 4/395 to Annie Watson. Details from Rootsireland: father Robert, CoI, in the army, lived at cavalry barracks.

Robert Ure death aged 2 Dublin South Q3 1892 2/453

Teresa Ure death aged 62 Dublin North 1924 – William Ure’s wife, Teresa Rourke.

Thomas Ure birth 1870 Dublin South 17/644 – son of James Ure and Anne Barry

Thomas Ure death 1906 Dublin South – son of James Ure and Anne Barry

Wendy A Ure birth 1958 Dublin North, daughter of Henry Ure and Iris Edwards

WillWilliam Ure workhouse 1915iam Ure death 1915 aged 60 – brother of my gg grandmother.  William died in the workhouse.  See image to the right.  Given his status as a business owner, this is likely a use of the workhouse as a hospital.

William Joseph Ure birth 1923 Dublin North, son of Alexander Ure and Sarah Stanners Willoughby. Birth notice in Irish Times on 30/12/1922 – mentions mother’s maiden name and that he was born at 13 Drumcondra Road.

William Patrick Ure birth 1888 Dublin North, son of William Ure and Teresa Rourke.

William Patrick Ure marriage 1917 Dublin North to Kathleen McGlynn

William Ure and Teresa Rourke married in Bethnal Green in London on 4/8/1883. His father was Alexander Ure, a clerk. Further supporting evidence of his relationship to my confirmed family (brother), witness to Harriet’s marriage with sister Maggie. Joseph O’Keeffe, third husband to his sister in law, Martha Loughran, was godfather to his daughter, Madeline, born 1894. Harriet Kent registered the death of her father Alexander Ure in Auburn Cottages, who lived with Margaret Russell. Mary Anne and Harriet’s marriage certs both list Alexander Ure, a clerk as father, as does Alexander’s. I also have established DNA links with descendants of this family.

Quaker records on Findmypast shows that Alexander, Margaret and Mary Anne Ure all attended a Quaker Sunday School in 1862, although there are many proofs that they were CoI and their father was Presbyterian and mother Methodist.  Their address was given as 7 Upper Abbey St.  Alexander’s age matches exactly with his baptismal cert but the two girls are older than other records show by about 4 years.

My Ure Family

Notable absence: I have not found a marriage for Margaret Ure to a Mr Russell*.  UK/NI indexes have been checked under all possible names. I have traced her son’s birth, as Robert Russell, but was obviously know as George by 1901, and his son though. This branch of the family seems to have died out. *The father is down as Robert on the birth cert, and someone of that name paid the rates on the Auburn Cottages house, but the son named his father as George on his marriage certificate. It seems possible that both were Robert George Russell and used both names.

Ebenezer Ure, James Ure and my own ancestor, Alexander Ure, are all listed with wives called Anne. I believe I have identified Ebenezer’s wife’s death in 1870, due to the presence of her middle name, Jane, which is given on her marriage cert.  Anne Ure, née Barry, died in 1899 at the same address as her husband.  In the  records on Irish Genealogy, I found a third Anne Ure death in 1893 and finally this was my ancestor.

Anne Ure, née Johnson death 1893
Anne Ure, née Johnson death 1893

The family of James Ure and Anne Barry do not appear to be related to the Ure family I am descended from. I base this conclusion on a number of factors:

  • They lived in the south city centre. My Ures were exclusively north side.
  • They are Catholic. With the exception of William Ure’s descendants, the other family is all Church of Ireland.
  • There is no name matching on the godparents of any Ure child on either side.
  • They would appear to be a different social class. James Ure’s family are less skilled workers. The northside family are involved in the print trade, civil service or clerking roles.  Daniel Ure of this other family did work in a printer’s shop in Manchester, according to the 1891 census…it may just be a coincidence.

However, by the 1911 census, I can only find evidence of two of James and Anne’s daughters in Ireland, both now married: Anne Kelly and Mary Fitzsimons. Most of rest of the family has disappeared – some may have emigrated and still more died. The other women probably married and are no longer called Ure.  I have managed to find Daniel Ure is living in Manchester in 1891 with his English wife, Louisa Baxendale, and a baby son also called Daniel.  A married sister called Ellen Brennan is also in the house.  Both siblings give their birth place as Ireland and the birth years match so I’m confident this is two more of the James Ure/Anne Barry children.  3 further sons followed to Daniel and Louisa and 2 more children did not survive (according to 1911 census).  I have traced this family further forward but left off the details in the small family tree below – to avoid any personal data breach.

*There is a marriage of Margaret Ure to Matthew Deegan in 1880.  Her father is called James, no profession given, but I would think she’s too old to be another child of this family.  The bride lived on Kevin St, so it is the right area.  She could be a younger sister of the James Ure who died in 1899.James Ure's family

James Ure’s family

Ebenezer Ure & family

Obviously I’m interested in this unusually named individual. I know a bit about him, his wife Anne Jane Bryan Philips and their daughters. Both Ebenezer and my own ancestor, Alexander Ure, give their fathers’ names as John on their marriage certificates, and they would be of the same generation and religion, so they could potentially be brothers.  Ebenezer was a government clerk (listed in the Post Office Directory 1858 as a junior clerk in Paymasters of civil service office, Dublin Castle) and is listed in several Thoms and other commercial directories in the second half of the 19th century.  Ebenezer and Anne Jane married on 18/07/1856 and their first daughter, Hester Margaret, was born 28/12/1856.  Her birth (unnamed, as was his wife!) was announced in the Belfast Newsletter, the Dublin Evening Mail and the Morning Chronicle in England in the first week of January 1857.  This suggests to me that people in Belfast and England might have been interested in the news.  The family is listed living at 2 Merrion Terrace.

I’ve also uncovered a prison recordEbenezer Ure prison 1861 for the same man. It dates from 1861 and it’s difficult to read so I’ve transcribed it here. There’s actually 2 entries for him. The first one:
Ebenezer Ure, aged 25, violent assault on wife and daughter, sentenced to 9 months imprisonment. It also gives a description of him: Protestant, read/write, 5ft7, eyes grey, hair brown, complexion fresh, from Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire)

The second charge is threatening to shoot his daughter with a gun for which he received 6 months. It looks like he was able to pay bail on this second one. Considering that he was only 25, Hester and Helena were very young at the time. His third daughter Clementine was baptised the day she was born and it’s noted as a private ceremony. It’s unusual to christen a CoI baby so young and I wonder if she did not survive. There’s certainly no further record of her.

On paper, there is not enough information to confirm a family relationship to my own Ures.  In its favour, they are the same religion, surname, fathers’ name, social class and Monkstown where Alexander lived his latter years is not far from Dun Laoghaire, where Ebenezer’s prison record states he came from.  There’s no name matches other the use of Margaret.

2018 update: I have made contact with descendants of Ebenezer’s daughter, Hester, who are now in Canada, who appears to be the only one of his children to have children herself. This connection has led to more extensive research on her children, who were all born in Drumcondra. My Ures were living in adjacent Phibsborough at the same time.  We would be 4th cousins once removed if related. My own DNA doesn’t match these siblings but my mother & brother have small matches. My third cousin once removed, also a Ure, has a much more significant DNA match with them. Another distant cousin, descended from a third sibling of my family also matches the Canadians. As DNA randomly recombines within each generation, it’s not surprising that some of us match and others do not. It remains to be seen whether our Alexander and their Ebenezer were brothers (which remains most likely given they have the same named father), cousins or some other relationship but it now seems very probable they are indeed connected. As DNA testing becomes more popular, it’s possible that other people connected will appear that might add other pieces of this puzzle. It’s worth noting that all tested Ure descendants show Scottish DNA, so that is ultimately where we’re heading with this project.

Ebenezer Ure's family
Ebenezer Ure’s family

William Ure appears to have had a brief encounter with the law in 1874, then aged 18. He’s described as 5ft6, brown eyes, brown hair, sallow complexion. He was born on “Gloster St” (modern day Sean MacDermott St) and then lived on Monck Place. This is a further confirmation of his relationship to my great-great grandmother, whose address on marriage in the same year was also Monck Place. His occupation was printer, so he must have started young in that role. His crime was assault but no details are given. He was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment but it also notes he paid £1.

Apart from William and Ebenezer’s appearance, some other people called Ure who show up in the Prison Records (checked on

  • Rosanna Ure, aged 70, 24 hours for drunkenness on 23/12/1839.
  • Gerald Ure, aged 31, 5ft 5, brown eyes, brown hair, fresh complexion, son of William and Teresa, born on Abbey St, now living on North Richmond St, a printer’s assistant on 26/11/1917, charged with obtaining a shilling under false pretenses, remanded for a week.
  • While not a prison record, the arcane algorithms of Findmypast also return a dog licence held by Alexander Ure in 1913, still living at Cardiffs Bridge, Drumcondra, as on the 1911 census mentioned above.
  • Also in the most recent upload of dog licences, I found a George and Richard Ure in Belturbet, Cavan in 1914.

My ultimate aim is to push my own ancestry back further and to this end, I’ve devoted some time to researching people called John Ure living in the first half of the 19th century in Ireland.  I noted above a death in 1852 of a John Ure of Dundalk. As he was a businessman, I have been able to uncover some details about him.

The 1824 edition of Pigots has a John Ure of Seatown, Dundalk listed in nobility and gentry section. The same name appears on electoral registers in 1832 and 1837 in Roden Place, Seatown.  In the years 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850 (Thoms Directory) John Ure Esq is listed as a local director of country branch of Provincial Bank of Ireland in Dundalk.  He is also listed in a valuation of property over £10 at Roden Place worth £25 in 1840, which is detailed on the Parliamentary papers.

In the Newry Examiner and Louth Advertisor of 3rd November 1852, the follow item appeared.

John Ure auctionReviewing other newspapers of the period, John Ure of Dundalk’s name appears multiple times, as subscriber to various items, on committees and boards.

An entry from the previous October notified potential debtors that they should apply to William Robert Rogers, solicitor on Francis St before 1st December 1852.

It would be lovely to find a straightforward obituary for this John Ure, who was clearly a prominent person.  However, given that all his property was auctioned, it would not appear that he had descendants.  I haven’t found a will for him.

The Church of Ireland St Nicholas of Dundalk has a memorial inscription for him.  I contacted Louth website owner Brendan Hall and he was able to give me the following details from a transcript copy.

Sacred to the memory of John Ure for 47 years a resident of this town. Born at Cardross, Perthshire 12th October 1787. Died in Dublin 23rd September 1852.

This further suggests to me that John Ure of Dundalk had no family.  All other inscriptions in this church have family details.  The search continues.

As for other John Ures, I find a burial record on for one aged 33 in St Catherine’s CoI in 1834.  There are three separate entries for it.  The digital image shows his “disorder” (which appears to be cause of death looking at other entries) was “evil” and he lived at Meetinghouse yard. Age-wise, he could be the father of my ggg grandfather, who was born in 1827, but his census record probably indicates a Glasgow birth. I tend to think that Alexander (and Ebenezer) came to Dublin as young men, rather than with their family.

There are some Northern Irish Ure families, as indicated above through marriage records, but on examination, none seem connected to each other or the southern Ure families.  There’s also the family of Robert Ure of Waterford, who was in the 3rd Hussars in both Islandbridge barracks Dublin and later in Naas.

Archibald Ure

The records of Dublin workhouses have yielded 3 records for someone called Archibald Ure.  There are some discrepancies in his entries, outlined below.

1846: an 18 year old Protestant shoemaker whose health is described as “very delicate”.  No next of kin recorded but it says he is a “native of Dublin” and his address prior to admission was Harbour Court, in the north city.  He stayed there for 2 weeks in August/September of 1846.  A more recent update sees a second entry in the same year for a 17 year old Protestant shoemaker but this time it says native of Edinburgh and that his residence was Abbey St.

1847: an 18 year old Protestant shoemaker, again with very delicate health.  Observations on “condition of pauper when admitted” say Edinburgh and clean, where many other people have dirty in this section.  Entered July 1847 and discharged February 1849.

1849: a 19 year old Protestant labourer in good health. Observations say Drumcondra, and the DED of residency is Constitution Hill in the north city.  Spent a week in the workhouse in July.

Observations: If this was a more common name, I’d have to consider the possibility that this last was a different person, and there is a small chance he is, but it is not likely.  I also note, with thanks to a cousin, that a Margaret Ure died in 1846 and was buried in St Catherine’s Church of Ireland church.  Her address was given as 2 Harbour Court so she is surely connected to Archibald, but I don’t know how or if they connect to the other Ure families.  Abbey St in Dublin, a very long street divided into three sections for addresses, does have associations with my known family in the 1860s and later.

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