New heights

While I’m working away on other people’s genealogy, I always try to do a bit on my own. As of today, I have 3053 people in my family tree. These are people who can be proven to be related to me, either by records (the vast majority) or DNA with records to back it up. It’s so important to be able to document your research. I see many trees out there with incorrect or incomplete information. Just this evening, I saw one where a 1st cousin twice removed of mine is listed as having died in the Great War, when in fact, he emigrated to the UK and died in 1966!

I’ll be sending out a newsletter next week on some interesting research I’ve been working on to do with maternal ages.

Later in the month, I’ll have details of my fully revised & updated beginners’ genealogy course, which will be offered online for the first time this year, as well as in person.

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