Sponsoring DNA tests

Having read this post on the success of sponsoring DNA tests to break down genealogical brick walls, it is time to sponsor some of my own.

Readers of my blog will be aware of my Ure One-Name Study, which seeks to trace all Irish Ures and see how they link to my own. I’ve taken that project page off line temporarily to revamp it. A major goal of this research is to prove a theory that my ggg grandfather Alexander Ure had a brother called Ebenezer. They share no records together but were of a close enough age to be siblings, both were Presbyterian/Church of Ireland, lived in the same areas of Dublin and both had a father called John Ure. I believe they came from Scotland to Ireland in the 1840s. Ebenezer had no sons, so Y DNA testing cannot help my theory. However, I have traced forward his descendants, all stemming from his only daughter to have children. I have found a 70cM autosomal match between one descendant and my 3C1R on the Ure line and some smaller but still decent matches with other members of my Ure branch and this individual and his sibling.

However, there’s another branch of his descendants, and none has tested as far as I know. I will happily sponsor tests for members of that family. So if you’re a descendant of Robert Olliffe and Helena Morrison who married in Dublin in 1905, please get in touch with me. I know there are still some in Dublin. Comments are open on this post.

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