Book Review: Inheritance

It’s #SqueezeInARead day in Ireland, so I thought why not also post a book review. As a genetic genealogist, I’m fascinated by this new genre of DNA discovery memoir. From the opening lines of Inheritance by Dani Shapiro, we learn that she took a DNA test and discovered that the man who raised & loved…

Birdsite new rules

Today Twitter banned directly linking to other social media (moreorless). It’s absolutely crazy. Here’s my Linktree which connects to everywhere you can find me. There’s a graphic below showing you my main social media. I’m also on LinkedIn and you can find my YouTube channel here.

YouTube channel launched

I’ve launched a YouTube channel. The plan is to have videos on Irish genealogy and DNA testing. I have a few taster videos up already but more will come over the weeks and months. If you have any ideas for content, please do leave a comment. If you enjoy, please do like, share and subscribe!

Essential blogs and sites for Irish Genealogy

A few years ago I gave a talk at the National Library on using social media for genealogy. I covered all the main mediums and particularly focused on message boards. Since then, the area has grown exponentially. Here are my top blogs to keep an eye on for news and updates, apart from my own…