Privacy Policy is based in the Republic of Ireland, therefore Irish data protection laws apply and is also subject to GDPR.

When you contact me for a quote, I will ask you to supply some personal data. With the nature of genealogy, most of this detail will likely be about people who are dead, unless you are searching for an unknown parent via DNA. GDPR laws only apply to living people. Where a quote progresses to a report, I may need to ask for data pertaining to living people to ensure I am researching the correct family. This data will only be used to aid genealogical research. This data is stored offline and will never shared with a third party.

I do retain copies of all reports sent to clients along with contact details. These records will not be used for any other purpose but I may contact you periodically if new research avenues become available that may be of interest to you.

Please note that I may also contact you following a quote to see if you are interested in receiving my newsletter. If not, no problem. The newsletter is hosted by Beehiiv.