New ethnicity feature on Ancestry

Ancestry has released a new ethnicity feature which separates your DNA by parent. I’ve just looked at mine and, well, it’s not what I expected.

My breakdown by parent

So what is surprising me is that I have known Scottish and Welsh ancestry on my mother’s side, and no known from either on my father’s side, which due to some brickwalls via my maternal grandmother’s grandparents, is less well-developed. Of course, my Dad could have had either Welsh or Scottish ancestors, but I don’t know of them. On my mother’s side, there’s also English ancestry at the same level as my Welsh (great-great grandfather) – he still doesn’t show in the mix.

All this underlines to me that ethnicity is still just a fun quick look & on to the real gold: the matches!

How does your own estimate match up (pun intended). Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “New ethnicity feature on Ancestry

  1. or maybe the Scottish is Northern Irish. With the centuries of over and back, the DNA must have many similarities.

  2. Very possible, Dara. My Bradleys likely originate from the northwest, like most with that surname.

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