The proof is in the pudding

There’s been a lot of negative press recently about DNA testing and at least some of it is ill-informed. Personally, I don’t feel it’s any more “dangerous” than posting on Facebook or any other social media. The value for me far outweighs the risk. Just look at this family mystery I solved with the help of DNA tests. It’s also helped me finally add Ebenezer Ure to my family tree!

People who know me will be aware that I’m famously bad at maths, but here’s some even I can understand. I took my first DNA test with Family Tree DNA in Autumn 2016. I just looked at a back-up of my main family tree file from then and I had 1416 people in the tree. It was the result of about 15 years proper research.

I subsequently tested with Ancestry as well. Today’s end of year back-up of my pc and family tree files shows my tree now has 2047 people. 631 extra people in 2 years. Of course, they weren’t just added casually. All of them can be backed up with solid traditional genealogical research. There’s other connections clear from DNA but not from records, so I’m being conservative and not adding them yet. My genealogy goal this year was to break 2000 people in the tree & am thrilled to have achieved it.

Who knows what 2019 will bring? Happy New Year!